The ArgentineTennis team at The Beijing Ollympics

I want to tell you about an incident that happened to me when I was taking my son to school. We were passing a bus stop by Bromley South station and a boy (probably in year 7) started doing kung fu actions right in front of his face. Behind him some other older school girls were laughing, they obviously thought this was really funny. This is the first time that this has happened to my son. So understandably he was quite shocked, he just did not know what was going on. Of course this brought back all my old childhood fears and anger. I was always targeted. In those moments so many thoughts came to me, how I used to react when I was younger and what I would really like to do to them now. All I could muster was a limp “so you think you’re clever”, very middle class, very ineffective. But what could I do? One thing I did know is that we would come out worse if I reacted too strongly. I know my son has to fight his own battles. He still has a year at primary school, but I am anxious about the ‘next’ stage, for him and me!


Chop Chop From Blackhawks Comics

Unbelievably the very next day I was cycling through my local park when two young men, young adults, passed me and one shouted out something incomprehensible. Definitely not Chinese, but he made his point. How disappointing and depressing, yet again, it is to find that people still feel the need and gain gratification in behaving in such a way. I did swear that time. but for self preservation, they were out of earshot.



Sue Jardine Hong Kong Adoptee

Edited by Lucy Sheen 03-10-11