Yesterday I had a very important meeting with an established, award winning documentary production company.

Now I’ve never had a meeting like that before. So I was more than a little nervous. Which wasn’t helped when the demo DVD that I’d brought along I couldn’t find, initially.

I needn’t have been nervous. The person I was meeting (Head of Factual Formats). was an engaging, and very personable individual. The meeting went on for over an hour. So it went very, very, very well. There is much that I have to discuss with my writing partner and the Director. In fact too much. I still can’t quite believe how I ended up sitting opposite the Head of Factual Formats pitching the idea of The Forgotten Adoptees. And to an award winning documentary production company.

But I’ll take anything that’s offered lol.

So it will be a weekend of deep thought 


Lucy Sheen Actor/Writer & Producer