So 2011 saw the Forgotten Adoptees diminish to The Forgotten Adoptee!

Initally this could and should have been an absolute disaster. Bring the final clapper board down on the documentary. After all the whole idea about the documentary was another forgotten adoptee’s idea! I just took the idea and ran with it, what I didn’t realise was by doing this I was leaving that person. The person who brought the idea to, me running on the hard shoulder, getting slower and slower until they came to a stop.

Over the festive break, the sole remaining forgotten adoptee has done a lot of soul searching, has had to ask some very searing and uncomfortable questions. 

It goes back to the old adage if you want something doing… then do it yourself. One cannot afford the luxury of assuming like minded people will support you. 

I forget, the world that this forgotten adoptee was brought up in, the world that this forgotten adoptee makes a living from is a very different environment to that of a 9-5 or more convetnional corporate existence.

This forgotten adoptee has had to bash a head against the proverbial brick wall. Encountering continued institutionalised racism, ennui and suspicion at best from many amongst the British-Chinese community. As for the host nation,  ridicule when acknowledged, but for the most part I am just ignored.

Isn’t it about time that we break out of those society imposed pigeon holes?


©  Lucy Lai-Tuen Chau Sheen January 2012