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Tyeshia, 13, Tiaja and Cala, both 12, aren’t sisters, but they will be if they find a family to adopt all three of them.

The trio isn’t looking for just any family, though. They have a specific idea about what kind of people they want to live with. They want a family that’s cool, fun and nice. And, above all, the girls want a family that cares.

“(I want) a family that’s going to stick with you no matter what happens, that’s going to always be there,” Cala said. “They won’t throw you in the trash can and put you inside a Dumpster when times get hard.”

The girls, along with about 70 other children who are either between the ages of 8 and 17 or are part of a sibling group, spent Saturday meeting prospective families at Child Protective Services‘ annual Adoption Festival. The older children are more difficult to place with families, CPS spokeswoman Gwen Carter said.

Children meet prospective families at CPS Adoption Festival


That’s how Joshua Mann’s article starts posted on chron.com

I am torn. It’s a double edged sword and either way the cut is deep and will bleed. On the one hand there are so many childen, young teens that are waiting, hoping tht they will be lucky and find a family through adoption. On the other hand parading these children and younng teenagers at a fair, much as you would farm animals, or starwars costumes seems to me instincitively wrong. It’s manipulative and I can’t help feeling that in some way the children are being exploited?

Perhaps I am being overly sensative but it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.