I’ve been mulling over this one for years. Probably even longer without actually been aware of it, almost as if it’s a habit; like biting my nails or sucking the inside of my cheek.

Do those who actively seek to transracially adopt, is this group more likley to harbour a higher instance of psycological flaws. Flaws that whilst not life threatening or crimminal nethertheless are serious enough to add to the natural challeneges, stresses and strains that adoptinjg transracially can have.

I’m thinking specifically about such conditions as emtional transference. Possible sexual problems such as frigidity. It’s interesting having now talked at length with a fair few adult adoptees in the UK specifically in the greater London area all of which have been HK and Mainland Chinese Adoptees there is a high percentage of similar AP behaviours concerning the AM attempting to live vicariously or should I sa “re-live” vicariously through the adopted child. Also a high percentage of adoptees recounting incidents where it’s pretty obvious that the AM is emotional baggage is being transferred on to the adopted child