The Forgotten Adoptee has had a lot on their mind recently. Not excluding trying to get the final dates of filming organised for the documentary before the summer well and truly hits.

Sometimes think that things are just conspiring to thwart the Forgotten Adoptee. Other times it’s WOW who would have thought?!

Forgotten Adoptee’s mind has been thinking seriously about emancipation – seriously.

Given recent developments and veiled legal threats (whether substantive or hollow) it got the grey matter thinking. How possible would it be to legally to sever all ties and associations with the people, the family that originally adopted?


In the UK do adult adoptees ever do this?  If they do what are the grounds under which this is done? Or if you are an adult do you need grounds to legally sever the legal ties that bind an adoptee to the ‘family’? 
As an adult if you have moved on and for whatever reason, have to all intensive purposes cut all contact with those that were responsible for adopting you and those connected to the family that adopted; is there any reason why you can’t legally disentangle from the ties of adoption?

As an adult what does it matter you’ve moved on. You have your own life. You are olde enough to make up your own mind about this, that and the other.

But for some, it does matter. Because you’re legally tied to a family that perhaps, now that you’ve come of age and understanding that you don’t want to be. The only reason that you’re tied to these estranged people is because of the adoption. A state with which you had no say. Complicated isn’t it….

Anyone out there have any “answers”?