going to keep silenceI’m not a trained or qualified social worker, neither do I have any desire to become so. But it came as a little eyebrow raiser when trying to talk with some adoption professionals, my attempts to reach out into this “field of work” were brushed off.

If I was being ingenuous, I could say that my status or lack or it i.e. not being a qualified social worker was a reason not to engage with me.  But that then also leads to a not unreasonable inference that this is an excuse which excuses them from having to consider the idea that an actual transracial adoptee might have something to bring to the table. That a person like me might actually have some merit in the formalised “adoption sector”.

If I was being paranoid I’d say that this is a deliberate ploy to keep adoptees out. To silence the voice of the adoptee. I actually don’t really believe that. It’s the same within the creative industry people who have no “formal” training as tutors and lecturers become so? How,  it’s who you know and whether that institution sees the value of your expertise as a working creative practitioner.

But then the flip side of this situation suddenly topples over. In my in-box an email inviting me to speak to another group of National Health Service professionals. The director of this team heard my last lecture and was impressed. So off I will be going again to speak to a room full of trained professionals all eager to hear from likes of little ‘ol me. Can’t help smiling at the irony. Plus I will also start blogging and vlogging for The Mothers’ Bridge of Love a charity set up by renowned author and journalist Xinran.

Talking of which I have to wrap my mind around the eternal question of Who Am I