I totally concur with TFP being ingenious the decision to cancel is spitting the dummy out – “if I can’t play they way that I want to then no one is going to play at all, so there ya-boo-sucks!” Being serious it points to a deeper in equality of thought, understanding and frankly a willingness to communicate and basically sit down and talk. There is the rub I think both in the US and UK actual conversations about race, I don’t think ever happen. or if they do they descend into an unholy mess.It is the 21st century, we have technology that shrinks the world and our ability to literally see other nations, races, cultures. The reality of other people’s lives and yet we fail consistently in our back yards to be able to embrace what is “ours” what we have laid claim to and thus what we have to be responsible for, to accept in order for us all to move on.The the fun the creative challenge surely should be in mounting a production of The Mikado which is relevant and pertinent to todays society even though it is set in the past in a “make believe environment.” We don’t need to see productions cancelled or kept at arms length we need, The Mikados, The Othellos, The Merchants of Venice to be embraced and realised for the modern audience, the poly ethnic and diverse societies that exist

Source: To ‘Sulk in Solemn Silence…” is not good EITHER @NYGASP Another “LITTLE LIST” for you – also …#NAAP