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Four days left to GET LUCY’S WORK TO THE KINGS HEAD THEATRE on @indiegogo

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Contributor nos.46 helping me TO GET MY WORK TO THE KING’S HEAD THEATRE is the versatile actress, fight performer

and improviser Eugenia Low.

If you aren’t familiar with Eugenia then please just take a few minutes to visit her website

Eugenia thank you so much for your support and contribution which is greatly appreciated and valued.

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Good morning from a fine if not slightly chilly Sunday, what is everyone up to?

The campaign is only £3 shy of  reaching £1000. THANKS to EVERYONE who has contributed and supported this campaign.

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Who’s going to be contributor nos.40 to HELP GET LUCY’S WORK TO THE KING’S HEAD THEATRE.

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There Are Two Perfectly Good Me's:

Preliminary artwork

Contributor nos.31 Christian Dixon takes the fund raiser over half way


Back in 2011 I wrote and performed a one woman play based primarily person experiences, observations and thoughts on what it was like growing up as a transracial adoptee in 60s pre multicultural Britain.

I’ve now rewritten this piece to make it more conversational, more “stand up comedian” like and to include more transracial adoptee humour – for want of a better word.

Here’s a recording of my original show just for reference:

There Are Two Perfectly Good Me’s: One dead, the other unborn from Lucy Sheen on Vimeo.

I’m  now looking for a producer to help me get some fee paying gigs! Interested in developing an ongoing long term relationship with a London (UK) based producer for this show and other work that is currently in development. If you are interested or can recommend anyone then please leave a comment or if you’re on twitter then please tweet me @LucySheen

Many thanks