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Submisssions Call! The Perpetual Child: An Adult Adoptee Anthology

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I have to say that these days I am very selective about the books on personal adoption journeys, searching for roots and adoption reunion stories that I read. Having been “bitten” once rather badly I approach such books with caution

So it was with a mixture curiosity and perhaps a little trepidation that I turned the first page of Mike Doiron’s THREAD of LIFE an adoption story. I should not have been worried. In no time at all two-hundred and thirty-two pages had been read.


I really enjoy it when I can put a book down and without guilt or half-truths, honestly say, ‘I enjoyed that, it was a good read’.

As Mike Doiron says himself this is not a blueprint or a “how to” about searching for your roots, it’s just how he did it and what happened for him. I think what sets this book apart from others of its kind that I have read is it’s simplicity. It is straight forward, unadorned and an honest account of who Mike Doiron is. The context of his adoption and the extraordinary way in which his family openly dealt with the adoption.

I won’t spoil the experience for the readers out there, but I will merely say, I found this book utterly engaging. The fact that I am also a transracially adopted person, which some might say makes be predisposed to take an interest in such writings was by the by.
As a human being this is a fascinating, complex and moving account. Told without artifice or unwanted embellishment.
If you want to take a peak into the realities of being adopted, of how one family dealt with adoption and how that adopted child grows up and what adoption can sometimes put the child through, then this is the book for you.