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Well the camera rolled and cut on the final substantive filmed interview for the documentary on Monday 15th October talkin to the actor/director David Yip brought (for the most part) the filming on the documentary to a close. Fitting really as my first professional acting job was starring along side David in the film Ping Pong.
Apart from perhaps some context shots and a few “location” shots the filming part of the documentary is now complete
I now go on to the full edit. 
It has been a steep learning curve and not without substantial challenges some positive and some unfortunately negative
But thankfully with the support of my family, close friends and you who have so generously given of your time and your thoughts I literally made it.

If anyone would have told me back in 2010 that I would end up making an independent documentary I would have told them that they were insane or that they were taking the */?~@!!

But here I am two years on, film in the can and onto the edit





JUST £1 or $1 WILL DO




Yesterday I attended a private event. I am one of one hundred Hong Kong Adoptees that was put up for overseas adoption to families in the UK. The first organised group of trans-racially adopted children to the UK. 

The BAAF have undertaken a research study, I was one of many full participants in this study (specific details unfortunately I cannot divulge as the research findings have not been fully analysed yet).

I spent the day and evening in the company of Hong Kong adoptees many of whom came from the same orphanage that I had. Looking at this sea of Chinese faces and the mixture of British regional accents at once gave me both pleasure and sadness.

We have all learned to exist. But for many of us we are still lost, abandoned and incomplete. Neither one thing nor the other. Mistrusted and more often than not rejected by the UK Chinese community because many of us do not speak Chinese. Un-recognised by the host country we walk in no man’s land. We are the ghosts in an already invisible community. 

So I’m making an indie documentary about transracial adoption, cultural displacement and identity.

Here’s one of the reasons why.

Late 2011 I wrote and performed a one woman play. As part of a mini British-Chinese diasopra writer’s season; In The Mirror.

Hosted by the award winning New Diorama Theatre and in association with True Heart Theatre. This piece drew upon my experience as an adopted child growing up in conservative southeast England.

There Are Two Perfectly Good Me’s: One dead, the other unborn from Lucy Sheen on Vimeo.

Recorded by Ruben del Dios Armesto


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