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So I’m making an indie documentary about transracial adoption, cultural displacement and identity.

Here’s one of the reasons why.

Late 2011 I wrote and performed a one woman play. As part of a mini British-Chinese diasopra writer’s season; In The Mirror.

Hosted by the award winning New Diorama Theatre and in association with True Heart Theatre. This piece drew upon my experience as an adopted child growing up in conservative southeast England.

There Are Two Perfectly Good Me’s: One dead, the other unborn from Lucy Sheen on Vimeo.

Recorded by Ruben del Dios Armesto


©  Lucy Lai-Tuen Chau Sheen January 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



We’ve all been busy!

Ruben is now a proud father – congratulations!

Claire has been busy in the world of Human Resources

And Lucy has been rehearsing for her one woman play which she will perform at The New Diorama Theatre

We hope to get back to blogging, tweeting and Facebooking pretty soon.

We have several more interviews to film hopefully one or two surprises in there!

So stay tuned!