Well it’s been a roller-coster of a ride from a summer meeting in 2010 and a small seed planted by another Hong Kong Adoptee.

The highs of establish a production set up for the documentary. The disbelief of filming the first interview. The shock and delight of almost establishing a co-pro with one of the leading UK documentary producers, only to see this vanish. The hard lesson, that in this world, in this sector, as in any other business sector, never, never ever air anything publicly you have not committed to paper and copyrighted.  

To the absolute lows of having to dissolve the original production setup in 2011 just before Christmas. Hitting rock bottom when I realised that the adoption community was not free of negative politics or people with their own personal agendas.

I hit rock bottom was when I had to deal with the griefers and trolls online and a few malicious individuals who for whatever reason decided that a project about and by a HK adoptee was something they didn’t want to happen. It was at that point I seriously thought about packing in the entire project. I had no funding –  I still have no funding. The support I was getting wasn’t coming form the wider Chinese community or the creative arts community (and that wasn’t for lack of trying) neither was it coming from the wider adoptee community. But from close friends and family, other creative professionals who know me and my work. 
But I am if nothing else, a bloody-minded person. So having other people trying to dictate to me what I should or should not do, how I should or should not do this was like waving a red rag to a bull. 

So what could have been a crash and burn in 2011 phoenix like Abandoned, Adopted, Here, rose from the ashes and off I went.

Those who were willing to support and share their views on camera where to a fault generous with their time and their views.

The amazingly talented crew that I found via Mandy.com 

From filming (which is the easy part) to editing, it may take me some time!

Even when the edit has been finalised there is still much to do post production wise, sorting out licensing issues. Looking for a distributor, do I remain independent. Looking to the film festivals, trying to raise money to enter some of the said film festivals and so it goes on


But I made it – literally. So watch this space